For an affordable fee we will help you design your new pool and monitor the construction of your dream. We see many times customers get the pool of the salesman’s dream and not theirs. We help you take the power away from the builder and put you in control. It’s your money, shouldn’t you be in charge?

I see more poor designs and construction than satisfying results. Yes, our standards are high, but if you want a job well done then let us help you be in charge of your project.

The right design is critical, and so is finding the right contractor. Most pool builders fall short as they are concerned with one thing – and that’s profits. Our concern is you and your family. We give you the power, not the contractor. We work with licensed and bonded contractors that actually respect their customers. We ask every customer for a review after their pool is finished. Our contractors will be given bonuses if the pool is built on time and to specifications. You would be surprised how many customers are upset with the results of the finished work after spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Our thought is if you’re going to spend $30,000-100,000 on your dream pool then it better be built correctly. As a contractor we only demand a few things: design a nice pool, then build it on time and properly. The client deserves this as they worked hard for the money to pay you.

Yes, we have the highest standards and know that no one is perfect except God and Michael Jordan lol. Yes a little humor is needed in today’s crazy world. Let’s work hard and play even harder.