We offer training for the do-it-yourself person. Our 40 years of experience will train you on how to maintain your pool and do minor repairs. As nice as the people can be at Leslie’s pool supply and other supply stores, we sometimes have different opinions on how a pool should be maintained. We also buy pool chemicals and parts wholesale, and in turn we can offer you better than full retail pricing.

Let our technicians teach you the secrets of a pool and spa professional. The knowledge that only working on thousands of pools and spas can give someone. There is no substitute for experience.

Pool School For The Professional

We also offer training and mentorship on a professional level. We have trained many people how to be pool service professionals. Some of them now make six-figure incomes and a few beyond that.

It’s not rocket science but you need proper training and long term back up to make it in this industry.

We also provide new customer leads. We have given thousands of referrals over the last 35 years. We verify every pool service company’s credentials and experience.

Now thru PoolServiceReferral.com we are reaching new customers on a global level. We believe the only boundaries are the ones people put upon themselves.

So think big! It’s a huge Universe out there that’s always expanding.

We have pool service business owners we trained as much as twenty five years ago that are now selling pool routes and training others. We were one of the first companies to sell pool routes on a regular basis and paved the road for them to have success for many years in the swimming pool industry.

Please call or email us for further information. We actually return all calls and emails promptly.